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Makor Analytics is an AI quantitative research company that helps you understand your audience’s perceptions, feelings, drivers, motivations and decisions.

What we do

We are a behavioral analytics company firmly rooted in human insights and powered by AI.

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Leading Quantitative Research Technology.

Makor Analytics is a cutting-edge quantitative research company. Our assessments shatter the standard survey approach that has scarcely evolved in half a century.

Instead of merely analyzing your audience’s final survey answers like everyone else, we dig deeper by using AI behavioral analytics to assess your audience’s entire decision-making journey.


Precise and Nuanced AI Audience Insights.

Our analytics provide granular audience insights that surpass market research norms. We upend the known limitations of merely assessing a survey’s final answer and supplant the need for costly and time-consuming focus groups.

By combining AI behavioral analytics with our unique values assessment, we capture people’s drivers and motivations, along with the full range of their complex perceptions and emotions. And we do it all in a simple, easy, scalable and repeatable way.


Data-driven and Actionable Recommendations.

Our unparalleled audience insights provide pointed messaging and outreach guidance. Our precision is unrivaled. We empower you to truly understand your people – to see them, hear them, and align with them.

Our recommendations help you make better business decisions and connect more powerfully with your audience.


Unearth true motivations and create deep synergies with your audience.


Launch a survey to uncover people’s genuine feelings and authentic perceptions.


Explore deeply held core values that drive your audience’s decisions.


Receive actionable insights and data-driven recommendations that resonate with your audience and foster stronger ties.


Measure the effectiveness of your messaging, outreach or intervention campaign and optimize results over time.

Assessment services

Our assessments provide precise insights into your audience’s feelings and core values.

We not only assess people’s deep values, but also the order of priority among them. This process provides critical insight into what matters most to your audience versus values with lesser priority.

Inspiring top talent.

What motivates employees to stay with your company in a competitive job market? What incentives can you offer top talent that excites and motivates them?

Our employee retention assessment will help you uncover your employees’ underlying drivers, needs and values. These factors are key to creating customized retention strategies that entice your best team members.

Keep your top performers and thrive.

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Encouraging seamless transitions.

Change is not easy for employees. Whether your company is implementing new technology, a new way of working, an organizational restructure, a leadership shift or any other change, the transition is likely to come with a few costly bumps.

We can help ease the way. By authentically assessing the current state – where employees really sit on the change curve – we provide the ground truth of how the transformation is perceived in your organization. From a place of true understanding, we help you build an effective case for the future state that reduces fear and generates hope.

Transform your organization and inspire growth.

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Smoothing cultural divides.

Building a thriving work environment in one company is hard. Combining the corporate cultures of two companies that are merging is harder.

We assess each company’s work culture and identify potential pitfalls that can cause costly bumps and great frustrations along the way. We offer specific recommendations to strengthen team dynamics and smoothen the fusion of two organizations under one umbrella.

Drive unity, cohesion and success.

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Consumer Values

Creating beloved brands.

What do your customers really value? What matters most to them? What mix of quality, price, social impact and uniqueness feels right to them?

We measure how your brand synchronizes with your consumers’ authentic values. Then we provide tailor-made solutions for connecting with your customers.

Build greater brand alignment and drive growth.

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Citizen Values

Maximizing social impact.

Government programs have the best intentions but are not always optimized to address civic needs.

We help bridge the gap between public needs and government initiatives by measuring the effectiveness of government programs over time. We also provide actionable recommendations that help government programs make the most data-driven decisions possible.

Minimize government spending and optimize social impact.

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Designing roadmaps for success.

We all want programs and projects to be delivered flawlessly – on time, on budget and without mistakes. But reality is messier and more complex for program managers, project managers and their PMO. Which key factors such as budget, timelines, reputation, phase completion and user adoption are essential for your program to succeed?

We matrix these factors to the needs of various stakeholders to provide customized recommendations, giving you the ultimate roadmap for program success.

Facilitate smooth program implementations and achieve new heights.

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